Welcome to my crazy blog, where I test out almost anything I feel like in Pokémon (mostly in Ubers). This blog has but one goal: make myself have an organized list of sets to test. The most important thing to note about this blog is that almost every set posted in this blog is likely to fail after testing! If a set and/or Pokémon is analysis worthy though, I will note that! If you want to suggest a set to test or something to comment on, just PM me at Smogon (I don't want to have comments here, because I doubt I will ever look at them)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Holy shit I forgot I even had a blog! Well with Black and White coming out soon this blog is pretty much fucking useless now so Im going to list some of the more absurd Arceus sets Im gonna test.

Swords Dance Flying: Swords Dance / Recover / Cosmic Power / Fly or Aerial Ace

Swords Dance Dark: Swords Dance / Recover / Cosmic Power / Punishment or Payback

Gravity: SD / Recover / Gravity / Earthquake or Gravity / Roar / Recover / filler

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Why its the explosive elf, Azelf! Now, most people would say that it's mostly outclassed by Mewtwo, and this isn't far from the truth. It's slower and less powerful on the Special side. HOWEVER, Azelf has a few tricks up its sleeve that ensure that its not totally outclassed: mainly, U-turn, Stealth Rock, Levitate, and Explosion!

Set 1: Choice Scarf lead
Stealth Rock
Jolly, 252 Atk 252 Speed 4 whatever
satus: tested, verdict unclear

Alright, this is a lead I tested a while ago with some pretty fuzzy results. The concept here is that besides the Deoxys family, Azelf is the only Trick Scarfer that has Stealth Rock AND is faster than Deoxys-S! So you just trick Deoxys-S (and pray to GOD it doesn't start Spiking), and then either set up your own Stealth Rock, or U-turn because it taunted you. You can also U-turn away from thoes pesky Deoxys-A, and from Darkrai if you make the guess that it doesnt have a Scarf! It can also Trick Groudon and not die in the process!

The good news ends here though, because while Azelf does well against a selection of leads, it did HORRIBLY against others. Dialga just Draco Meteor'd its ass to hell, while Kyogre smashes it with Surf. Scarf Darkrai murders it, and Skymin flinches it to death. Some more obscure leads like Tyranitar also eat it for breakfast. Finally, Giratina-O owns this thing with its immunity to trick and Shadow Sneak.

Overall, this lead gave me some very mixed results. It did very well against some other leads, but failed hard against some others. I will test it again later, but for now, the results have been a mixed bag.

I'll post some other Azelf sets to test later, because somehow I feel that Azelf has more potential than it seems...

Jibaku EDIT: Careful about Scarf Deoxys-S lol. Not only will it throw Spikes around it will also lock you into Trick.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Btw test Rock Polish Swords Dance Groudon lead


Friday, April 30, 2010



Set 1: Tormentran's Retarded Cousin
Pain Split / Taunt / Earth Power
evs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD Calm
ability: Magent Pull
item: Leftovers
status: Tested on poor quality teams, needs more testing. has a chance of making it!

Yep this is exactly what it looks like: a rip off of Torment Heatran! I personally love that bastard in Ubers, especially when I got Toxic Spikes up. So when I saw Probopass's pretty damn good defenses, Steel-typing, and movepool, I just can't resist the desire to test this, despite the horrors that come with its Rock / Steel typing!

Okay for people who don't know why Tormentran kicks ass, heres a short lesson. The concept is to get Toxic Spikes up, then when ever it gets a free turn, set up a Substitute. Then, you Torment the opponent, and if they have only one move that can break your sub and get hit by Toxic Spikes (that happens quite a bit with Heatran!), they are going to get out stalled. Choice users got it even worse, being forced to struggle every other turn!

Now there is a reason I am calling this set Tormentran's retardard cousin: Rock / Steel is sure as hell no where close to as good of a typing as Fire / Steel with Flash Fire is. This defintly hurts Probopass's chances against several Pokémon. For example, Dialga can hurt you pretty badly with sunny boosted Fire Blasts. However, Probopass does have some other quirks that make me more curious about testing it. First of all, look at its NICE DEFENSES! This thing has a Defense stat that can be compared favorable to Skarmories, yet it has an even bigger Special Defense stat! Too give you a picture of this things durability, it takes 88% max from an unboosted Mewtwo's Aura Sphere (and even less in the sand!). Pretty impressive for a 4x weakness, eh? Although I don't plan on giving it Sandstream support, I certainly will apperciate opposing Tyranitar!

While Probopass has all these cool perks over Tormentran, it's last moveslot reveals what I predict will be its biggest weakness (besides its typing lol): It's really weak. Well, Probopass does have the awesome Magnet Pull ability, which when combined with Torment, really screws up choiced Steel-types!

Probopass also has a weird and potentially useful option that Heatran lacks: Pain Split! Yeah thats right, Probopass actually has a primitive form of recovery! combined with Substitute, I can see Pain Split possibly being a life saver in certain situations. Like Heatran, Probopass gets Taunt, which it can use to shut up CM Rest Talk Kyogre, Bulk Up Dialga, and Wobbuffet. Finally, I could use Earthpower if I start seeing Heatran on the ladder.

I can't help but want to test a Pokémon like Tormentran, I love using that beast. Probopass looks like it has the possibity of being a wacky alternitive. However, I will need to test it to see if Probopass's perks make it worthy for an Ubers analysis!

Update: I have done some testing on some rather... poor quality teams. I don't have a verdict on it yet, however, like I predicted, its weak as hell. However, screwing over choiced steels with Torment is freaking AWESOME. Also, Hidden Power Fire sucked since Taunt screwed over Forretress much more badly. I will update this when I test Probopass on some better teams.


This post should be a signal for you all: I have almost no boundries for test subjects in Ubers! Yeah... I am going to test Aggron of ALL things in Ubers, the Pokémon with the dreadful 4x weaknesses to Fighting and Ground, which seems pretty silly. In fact, it probably is pretty silly, but I don't care because I test everything in Ubers, because sometimes you get Pokémon like Cloyster or Hariyama that are actually good!

Set 1: Choice Band
Head Smash
Low Kick
Ice Punch
Earthquake /
Fire Punch
ev spreads: 124 HP / 252 Attack / 132 Speed (for Scizor), max HP/ max Attack / 4 Def
Nature: Adamant

ability: Rock Head
Status: Untested

As I'm sure you all know, Aggron got a nifty new move from HGSS
, Head Smash. Sure, Aggron was pretty overhyped, but Head Smash's power is undeniable. To give you a picture of its strength, Head Smash seems to do around 10%-14% more than an Adamant Choice Band Groudon's Earthquake according to my damage calcs! Head Smash will outright OHKO Palkia, Scizor, Lugia, Mewtwo, Darkrai, Latias, Latios, and much more! It also has around around a 53% chance of OHKOing min HP Giratina-O after Stealth Rock, and will OHKO Calm Wobbuffet after SR and Spikes! Hell, minimum HP Dialga is 2HKOed by Head Smash after SR, and you dont even need SR to 2HKO Garchomp and Skarmory with Head Smash (watch it though, Skarmory can be a bastard and Roost stall so don't stay in)!

Low Kick is basicly there for busting up Dialga and eating Tyranitar, while Ice Punch is the most you are gonna do to Groudon switch-ins, (It does a nice 48%-57% to RP Groudon) and also has the bonus of killing Garchomp. Earthquake is here because Jirachi is like "lol" at Low Kick, while I guess Fire Punch could be used if you hate Bronzong and don't want Skarmory to Roost stall you in the sun.

Aggron has some pretty damn fine resistances to, thanks to being part Steel-type. he has that cool Dragon resist thats so rare in Ubers, and with that massive defense stat, he can take an Outrage like a champ! He also has a nice 4x resistance to Flying, a resistance to Ice, Rock, Dark, Bug, and Ghost.

Now that we talked about the good news, its time to get to the bad news. Aggron has a DREADFUL 4x weakness to Fighting and Ground, in addition to a Water-type weakness. This pretty much means that Palkia, Kyogre, Lucario, Garchomp, Mewtwo, and Darkrai will revenge kill you, while Groudon will own poor Aggron's ass. Worse still, Aggron's Special Defense sucks. To give you a picture of its Special Defense, an unboosted Dialga Draco Meteor can do well over 60% to Aggron!

I do have a gameplan for this when I test Aggron though, but its a risky one: team it up with good old Tyranitar (alternatly, I could pair it up with Hippowdon, which I have to test later, but I don't want to test two risky Pokémon at the same time)! Yeah, I am gonna have two 4x Fighting weaks, Ground weaks, and Water weaks, so I am gonna have to cover that up with the rest of the team! It could have a big pay off though, because that Special Defense boost akes Aggron so much more durable. With the sand, now an unboosted Spacial Rend will deal a managable 26.74% - 31.4%. sadly, Surf still OHKOs, and nuetral Special attacks like Fire Blast are still usually going to 2HKO Aggron. Because of this, I will probably give Aggron some paralysis support as well to help him out, and some ways to deal with Groudon.

Overall, I predict Aggron to be a pretty risky Pokémon to use in Ubers. whether the risk pays out enough or not is up to my testing to decide!



Okay, time to kick start this blog with a very popular Pokémon in Ubers, Palkia! Well... this is sort of a pathetic excuse for a first post at the moment, because all I know is that I want to test some Rest + Sleep Talk Palkia sets, but I am unsure of the movesets or evs I want to use for this concept. The main reason I would use a Rest Talk Palkia is because I hate how Thunder Wave Kyogre kicks other Palkias' asses, in addition to Calm Mind Kyogre. I will update this post with the normal format once I iron out the details with Jibaku. Now if you want to see how most posts here are gonna be like... just wait until I post a trio of Pokémon that are probably gonna fail hard, but I want to test because they are Steel-types!